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Founders Corner


Founder & CEO
At Arivisti, our goal is to become the LARGEST web services provider on the planet and it is this singular sense of purpose that guides everything we do. We are extremely ambitious in our scale of thought and constantly seek to provide you with the best Web Services offering.

I want our service to be so compelling that you should feel no other competitor even comes close to the level of service that we offer. I believe that we should be your first and only choice because you will love our products and after-sales service. The entire team at Arivisti are driven by the will to ensure that our Resellers have such a brilliant experience that they feel compelled to recommend our products and services to others.

We seek to achieve our aim through a three-pronged approach:

Marketing & Business Development - Assisting you in understanding our system perfectly and helping you start and grow your business.

Product Research & Development - Providing you with the best product suite that suits your needs & helps you obliterate your competition!

Customer Experience & Support - Ensuring that even the smallest issue gets tackled quickly and efficiently.

I believe that our Resellers come to us because of our size and reputation as a proven provider of Web Services. We want to be a company that you trust because of our track-record of providing the best Products, the best Support and simply the best Reseller experience on the web!

I invite you to experience the power and flexibility of our platform and fall in love with it just like our 1000 Resellers have around the world. If you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch with me personally at ea@arivisti.com

Till then, Happy Hosting!